Termagant was a Strike-class medium cruiser in Warlord Zsinj's fleet.

In 7 ABY, Termagant accompanied Iron Fist to the Graveyard to destroy Rogue Squadron and a convoy led by Mirax Terrik which was carrying bacta to fight the Krytos virus on Coruscant.

The two ships and their TIE/LN starfighters destroyed most of the convoy, but the X-wings that Termagant destroyed were actually Imperials disguised as Rogue Squadron. Kirtan Loor had sent the false Rogue Squadron to destroy the convoy on his own initiative, but Ysanne Isard leaked the convoy's route to Zsinj.

By the time Rogue Squadron arrived, Iron Fist had left the area, so the squadron attacked the Strike Cruiser. The Rogues destroyed some of the Imperial starfighters, and their proton torpedoes blew the cruiser completely in half. Termagant's surviving TIEs were captured by New Republic forces.



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