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Terman Station was a space station in the Terman system of the Periphery, between Sriluur and Hutt Space along the Sisar Run.

Terman Station was ancient, and in fact was a Tionese orbital fortress dating to the wars between the Hutt Empire and Xim before the founding of the Galactic Republic. Despite this, it had been maintained and upgraded over the millennia.

In 3 ABY, the station administrator was Kilon Tarlok. It was also the center of Kalna the Hutt's small scale protection racket. Hutt Expansionist Era kucha-sculpts were visible in one part of the station, obscured by slickplast posters. Around the same time, the Twi'lek academic Kinsa Doroturo hoped to reactivate the station's forgotten weapon systems, buried beneath layers and layers of more modern expansions. Doroturo's efforts, which would have caused the destruction of the station, were stymied by adventurers unknowingly working for Sprax, the Black Sun vigo.



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