"How can you miss what you do not remember?"
―Terra Derida[src]

Terra Derida was a female Phindian. She was the sister of Guerra and Paxxi Derida and the daughter of Duenna Derida. She was also a member of the Syndicat on Phindar and the assistant of the crime organization's leader, Baftu. Terra had been memory-wiped at age eleven, making her a cruel, angry person and worse than Baftu himself. Duenna watched Terra and took care of her by living in the Syndicat headquarters.

The Syndicat was supposed to supply Prince Beju some bacta for the people of Gala, the bacta that Beju had taken away from the people of Gala. It would make him look like a hero, and the Syndicat would be repaid well, so Terra's instructions were to cooperate with Beju. However, when Obi-Wan Kenobi hijacked Beju's ship after suffering an unsuccessful memory-wipe, he acted like Beju when he was going to receive the bacta. Terra recognized Obi-Wan because she had been the one to memory-wipe him. When Terra said that Obi-Wan was an impostor in front of Baftu, Baftu told her to keep quiet.

When they found that the treasury had disappeared, Baftu accused Terra of stealing it. In spite of Terra's protests, Baftu had his assassin droids shoot Terra down. Duenna, who had been taking care of her twisted daughter, knew that somehow Terra had been redeemed before her death. Her last words told Guerra that her memories had returned.

Behind the scenesEdit

Terra was created by Jude Watson for the Jedi Apprentice series of young reader novels. Terra means "earth", "soil", "ground" or "land" in Italian.

Terra is also the name for the ancient Roman personification of Mother Earth.



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