Terrarium City was an architectural marvel located on the planet of Alderaan.


It was located in a natural depression on a plain, which was widened, sealed and filled with a liquid polymer. Modified battleships above the planet would then carve sections of the now hardened polymer into living space, and this process was then repeated until 18 levels were created to form the city's structure.

The polymer used could later on be reshaped by the city's inhabitants, if they wanted to. This meant that most of the walls in each flat could be turned into artworks by manipulating them. Finally, the city was capped by a transparent sheet, where thin spires were used as turbolift shafts and waste elimination systems.

Like all of Alderaan it was destroyed in 0 BBY by the first Death Star's superlaser. During the time of the New Republic, the Solo apartment on Coruscant had a hologram of Terrarium City in it.



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