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"Stinkin' Jedi. Go on an' kill me. Go on an' kill everybody."
―Terrel Nakay[src]

Terrel Nakay was a Balawai teenager who lived in Haruun Kal during the Clone Wars.


While fleeing a battle during the Summertime War, Terrel Nakay, Keela, Pell, Urno, and Nykl had an accident in a steamcrawler, but Jedi Master Mace Windu managed to save them. His father was killed by the Korunnai during the war. Terrel had a strong contempt for the Korunnai and the Jedi. He befriended Master Windu thinking he was a bounty hunter, but eventually discovered he was a Jedi. At a moment of fury, he attempted to kill Besh and Liane Trevval, stabbing them. Later, he faced Kar Vastor, who considered that the boy deserved the death, because he had potential to kill. Master Windu tried to convince Vastor not to do it, but the lor pelek finally killed Terrel by slitting his throat with one of his vibroshields.


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