Terrlarn was a male Gotal mercenary active some time before the outbreak of the Galactic Civil War. He was the first notable kill by the Tiss'shar gunslinger Uul-Rha-Shan.


Terrlarn, a male Gotal, was a mercenary with a reputation as unbeatable. When he attempted to bully his employer on Port Haven and steal a load of Tagge Company blaster cartridges, the Tiss'shar gunslinger Uul-Rha-Shan intervened. Outdrawing the Gotal mercenary, the Tiss'shar shot and killed Terrlarn, leaving his body on the beach.[2]

In the aftermath of Terrlarn's death, Uul-Rha-Shan discovered that killing prominent rivals increased the demand for his services. This led him to build his reputation by killing several other gunslingers for a series of apparently trivial reasons: a career path which resulted in a position as bodyguard to Corporate Sector Authority Viceprex Mirkovig Hirken.[2]

A picture of Terrlarn illustrated the Gotal entry in an updated edition of Shi'ido anthropologist Mammon Hoole's reference work, The Essential Guide to Alien Species.[4][5]

Behind the scenesEdit

Ed Erdelac, the author of So Uncivilized: Great Gunslingers in Star Wars on the official Star Wars Blog, has retroactively identified Terrlarn with the Gotal Mercenary miniature in Star Wars Miniatures: Legacy of the Force, and with the previously unnamed Gotal pictured in an illustration by Chris Trevas in The New Essential Guide to Alien Species.[5]


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