"What the hell is that? Ahhharg!! Get it off me!"
"Run for your lives!.
―Rebel soldiers on the Salvation being attacked by Terror Droids.[src]


"General, I've seen these Terror Droids before, Vader is developing them on Kamino... warn your men!"
―Starkiller warns the rebels[src]
Terror Droids attacking

Starkiller being attacked by a swarm of Terror Droids.

Terror Droids were small spider-like droids that were developed during the reign of the Galactic Empire under the direction of Darth Vader on the planet Kamino. Following the escape of a clone of Galen Marek, Vader dispatched the bounty hunter Boba Fett to track down the clone's progenitor's love Juno Eclipse. Taking a number of Imperial resources, Fett struck the Rebel starship Salvation and deployed a large contingent of Terror Droids to deal with the Rebel troopers onboard. The droids later encountered Starkiller who had arrived to save Eclipse from the Imperial attack. It was later revealed that these spider droids came from the Terror Walker, their larger counterpart.

Behind the scenesEdit

These Terror Droids originally had multiple colors, depending on their type, but the default "yellow" droids are fought in combat. However, hordes of "red" explosive Terror Droids can be seen in one hidden area of the ship with a hidden Holocron. These are only seen once and they explode when an intruder is near their proximity.


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