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Saw Gerrera Rogue One

Saw Gerrera was accused of being a terrorist in his many years as a resistance fighter.

"I am free, while you have chosen to become a terrorist."
"I'm not a terrorist. I'm a patriot. And resistance is not terrorism."
General Tandin and Saw Gerrera[src]

A terrorist was an individual who engaged in terrorism, use of violent acts as a meant of intimidation or coercion, usually to achieve a political end. During the Onderonian Civil War, the Onderon rebels were accused of being terrorists by the leaders of Onderon, who were backed by the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Saw Gerrera, one of the leading members of the rebellion, instead said he was a patriot and that resisting oppression was not terrorism.[1] Years later, as Gerrera led a Rebel cell against the Galactic Empire, his tactics were still referred to as terrorism by some.[2]



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