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"With more than 50 dead and 250 injured, as well as an estimated 50 million credits in property damage, the strike ranks as the worst atrocity to hit Esseles since the Algeran Faction attacks during Emperor Palpatine's ascension to the throne."
―A Darpa SectorNet report[src]

A series of terrorist attacks on Esseles took place in 1 ABY, during the Galactic Civil War.

The Rebel group Faceless attacked simultaneously several targets on the planet Esseles. On the one hand, the Faceless struck the DynaCorp Refinery on the Grande Hyet island. The explosion utterly destroyed the major fuel depot and refinery and caused major damage to the local spaceport. The attack made 50 dead and 250 injured, as well 50 million credits in property damage. On the other hand, the Faceless attacked the Imperial installation at Tralee.

This series of terrorist strikes was considered to be the worst atrocities to hit Esseles since the Algaran Faction attacks during the rise to power of Emperor Palpatine. Response to the disaster was delayed due to a quarrel of jurisdiction between Esselian Hall President Cambira Ralle and Imperial Governor Griff Takel.


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