The Terson family was a Coruscanti family consisting of Hasville Terson and his wife Adray, owners of the air taxi firm Terson Comfort Carriers, and their son Hasray.

As the Yuuzhan Vong War approached Coruscant, Hasville and Adray prepared an escape ship, the Ugly Truth, hidden within their apartment high up in one of Galactic City's massive skyscrapers. Hasray was subsequently captured by a Yuuzhan Vong war party, led by Denua Ku and Viqi Shesh.

Denua Ku killed Hasray with barely a thought, but not before the boy had alerted Viqi to the existence of the Ugly Truth near the Terson family apartment. The ship later enabled Luke Skywalker and his team of Jedi Knights and Wraith Squadron personnel to escape Coruscant and return to Borleias.