Tessera was one of the shuttles aboard the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Vengeance during the Galactic Civil War. Nine months after the Battle of Yavin, Captain Thrawn, accompanied by Lieutenants Wolver and Tier, took the shuttle to the planet S'krrr to study S'krrr art. After both Wolver and Tier were killed by swarms of drog beetles, Thrawn, together with the S'krrr poet and warrior Sh'shak and the Human children Zak and Tash Arranda, fled to the Tessera in an attempt to escape the Sikadian Gardens. However, beetles had gotten into the ship's system, causing them to short-circuit and leaving both the engines and comlink offline. As beetles started to pour in through the ship's air vents, the group were forced to abandon it. Later, when Sh'shak and Mammon Hoole were able to temporarily calm the swarm, Thrawn returned to the Tessera to attempt repairs.