A stormtrooper awaits a weapons test

Test Bay 94 was a large room used to test weapons in an Imperial testing facility. The room included a large elevator and blast doors. Tests in the facility were often carried out on stormtrooper test subjects, such as TK-3207.

Behind the scenesEdit

Test Bay 94 appears in the interactive "Weapon Comparison Test Bay" feature in the 1998 PC program Star Wars: Behind the Magic. Stormtroopers in the program are subjected to various weapon attacks. TK-3207 is called in to be the next test subject after the player tests the lightsaber on a previous stormtrooper subject. The player may then choose from five weapons to sample on TK-3207: "Ewok Rock," "Blaster," "Lightsaber," "Thermal Detonator," and "Death Star Ray."