Testan ke Harran was an Adumari guide of Jacen Solo and Ben Skywalker during a Mission to Adumar in 40 ABY. Balding, black-bearded ke Harran toured the two young Jedi around the Dammant Killers concussion missile factory, covering up whole assembly lines of missiles.

Young Skywalker told ke Harran his lightsaber was a practice weapon. When Skywalker later used it to cut a hole in a wall panel, Solo explained to ke Harran that Skywalker had been telling the truth, from a certain point of view: Skywalker did practice with the lightsaber. The two Jedi then were forced into a confrontation with tens of Adumari guards - but ke Harran's attempt to hide the secret assembly line was a failure, as Skywalker was able to send a holo recording of the assembly line back to Coruscant.


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