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"He's a no-talent bag of bantha droppings."
Garik "Face" Loran[src]

Tetran Cowall was Garik Loran's rival when "Face" still made holodramas.


Tetran Cowall TIE Interceptor XWM

Cowall's TIE interceptor impersonating Soontir Fel

Tetran Cowall was in High Winds, a drama about Coruscant tightrope walkers. Later in his career, Cowall began to find little work. He eventually joined Zsinj as an impostor of Baron Soontir Fel, leading a false 181st in an attempt by Zsinj to trap Rogue Squadron in an ambush. Loran described Cowall as having "no perceivable acting skills", though his portrayal of Fel was convincing enough to fool even Wedge Antilles, who knew the Baron personally.



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