"What will we do?"
―Thaddeeus Marien panics after being captured[src]

Thaddeeus Marien was a Kitonak male who dwelt in the settlement of Reestkii on the planet Jakku decades after the Battle of Yavin. While Marien lived there, Reestkii was overrun by a group of Zygerrian slavers who rounded up the occupants and forced them into the town hall. Once inside the hall, Mairen panicked and began to sweat, asking the others what they should do. In order to calm the other captives down, the crittermonger Bobbajo began telling a story about how he and his pets helped to destroy the first Death Star. Part way through the story a large crash outside worried some of the citizens, and Marien began whispering anxiously to his fellow villagers Arek Emjon and P'nll Vun before Bobbajo continued his story. The hall's occupants were distracted from the story again when a series of explosions could be heard from outside, causing Marien to yell in terror. Once again Bobbajo continued his story to keep things calm, and when he finished Marien and several others declared the events Bobbajo described as impossible. The crittermonger then opened the doors of the hall and revealed the Zygerrians had all been incapacitated and the villagers were safe. The storyteller then collected up his pets and left the villagers to claim the treasure the slavers had brought with them. Marien had leathery skin and a bulbous head.[1]

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Thaddeeus Marien first appeared in the short story "All Creatures Great and Small", which was written by Landry Q. Walker and released in 2015.


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