Thaddeus Ross was a Corellian Human male captain of the YT-1300 light freighter Kierra. Following in the footsteps of his forefathers, most likely his grandfather who had been captured by the Empire, he became a smuggler prior to the Battle of Yavin, but was a bounty hunter in his younger days.


Ross once had a relationship with Saahir Ru'luv, which Ru'luv ultimately ended after three years. During a smuggling mission for the Alliance to Restore the Republic on Merich's Bend that was uncovered by Imperial agents, Saahir died in Thaddeus's arms. Thaddeus's shipboard computer, came to fill the void in Thaddeus's life left by his lover, after it developed its own personality, forming something akin to a mother-son relationship with the smuggler.

At some point, while on Tatooine, he saved a Jawa from two Stormtroopers, picking up a 5,000 credit bounty for his capture.

While on Najiba, after speaking with Reuther, Thaddeus met Adalric Cessius Brandl and agreed to give him passage to Trulalis for 8,000 credits. While there Thaddeus was briefly strangled by Adalric after shooting at him and as a result mistook him for a Jedi Knight. They were later ambushed on the planet by Menges, and above Trulalis, Kierra was captured by a Star Destroyer. Thaddeus was subjected to interrogation by Captain Grendahl, but was eventually released.

While on his way out of the Star Destroyer, Thaddeus spoke with Adalric, who paid him for the rest of the work he did and informed him that the bounty had been called off. Thaddeus then realized that Adalric was carrying a Thermal detonator and quickly ran to the Kierra barely escaping before Adalric set off the detonator in an attempt to hide his family.



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