"Please, you must lift off now! There's more at stake here than you realize. Here's another 500 credits for your trouble. We'll cover you, but go! Go!"
―Thadius Black[src]

Thadius Black was a Human male living on Demophon during the Galactic Civil War. He was late middle-aged and directed a droid components firm. When he saw political prisoners being mistreated by the Galactic Empire, his compassion led him to attempt to smuggle them off-world during a mass evacuation of Demophon. While he was successful, he was arrested in Selkren by the Imperial Security Bureau and held in the ISB Headquarters Office. He was later rescued and escaped to Mowgle with the political prisoners. Thadius Black was married to Kymber Black, with whom he had one son. Perth was his father.[1]


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