Thaere Is Not Your Friend is an article written by Morrie Mullins as a tie in to the Living Force adventure Night's Homecoming. It was published on the Wizards of the Coast website on November 6, 2003 and took the form of a broadcast by "Eye on Cularin" reporter Ryk Osentay. Osentay was reporting on the appearance of TINYF, and acronym for "Thaere is not your friend," which was graffitied throughout the Cularin system. One of his interviewees, Gerta Haman, alleged that the Navy of Thaere received 200 million credits from the InterGalactic Banking Clan and that they supported the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Shortly after this statement, officers of the navy of Thaere interrupted the interview, assaulted and arrested Haman. She was to be transported to Coruscant to meet with Senator Lavina Wren but the transport she was on was destroyed en route.


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