Thaffal was a Korun male Akk Guard from Haruun Kal during the Summertime War.

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Thaffal tried to oppose Jedi Master Mace Windu when he tried to free the Balawai prisoners from the Korunnai, causing Windu to break his nose.

Near the end of the Summertime War in 22 BBY, he, the other Akk guards and Kar Vastor faced off against Windu, Nick Rostu and Galactic Republic forces. During Battle of Pelek Baw Thaffal slaughtered many clone troopers with his vibroshields. At the end, Rostu shot him at the knee, making him fall down, over a moribund trooper, who finally used his last effort to kill Thaffal with his DC-15s pistol.


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