"Hutt war-yachts. Livien cutters. Thanium star-glaives. Cronian battlebirds. Spinning and sparring with each other in murderous minuets of their own."
―An excerpt from the Despotica[src]

Thanium star-glaives were a model of warship used by the empire of the Tionese despot Xim[1] during its conflict with the Hutt species.[2] The starships had cigar-box shaped hulls with chrome-colored armor plating attached on slidable girders, allowing the armor to be moved around the ship as needed.[3] They were fielded in mixed squadrons with other Tionese ships such as Argaian hemiolias, Cronian battlebirds and Livien cutters in battle.[1] Several star-glaives were deployed alongside a Xolochi Dreadnought in a task force sent to the planet Galuch,[4] and others fought against Hutt yachts at the first battle at the planet Vontor, which Xim's forces ultimately lost. The events of the battle were later recorded in the drama known as The Despotica.[2]

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Thanium star-glaives first appeared in 2009 in the third part of Xim Week: The Despotica, a series of posts by Michael Kogge on the Hyperspace section of They were then mentioned again in The Essential Guide to Warfare a 2012 reference book by Jason Fry. The guide also included an image of a star-glaive created by Ian Fullwood, the design process of which was elaborated on in the Star Wars Insider 134 article Designing Warships.



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