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Tharkus was a male Human who served as a High Admiral in the Starfleet of the Galactic Empire. He secretely held Emperor Palpatine in contempt, feeling that he hog-tied the military and focused too much on matters relating to the Force. After the Emperor died along with his second Death Star at the Battle of Endor, Tharkus travelled to Scalar, where he intended to consort with like-minded officers such as General Kantos and Admiral Dakova and assume command of the remaining Imperial forces. However, he was soon confronted by Senator Taj Valladian, who told him that the once-disbanded Imperial Senate had regrouped on its own to take back leadership and requested peace negotiations with the Rebellion. According to Valladian, the return of the mythical Jedi in the person of Luke Skywalker made peace the only viable option. Tharkus, nevertheless, would have none of it. Therefore, he decided to both sabotage the negotiations and sic a shapeshifting Dioskouros agent named Pollux on Skywalker.

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