Corran Horn and Shedao Shai duel for the future of Ithor.

The-Slayer-of-Shedao-Shai was a title that the Yuuzhan Vong who followed the Jeedai heresy used to refer to Jedi Master Corran Horn. It referred to the duel Horn had with the Yuuzhan Vong commander Shedao Shai on the planet Ithor.

The stipulations of the duel was that if Horn won, Shai would leave the planet Ithor alone. But if Horn lost, he would return the remains of Shai's grandfather. The duel ended with Shai's death by a saber thrust in his abdomen. However, Ithor's plant and animal life was destroyed nonetheless by Shai's second-in-command, Deign Lian.


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