The Adventurer 5 is the fifth issue of the LucasArts magazine The Adventurer. It featured a number of articles on Lucasfilm upcoming and released games, including one on Day of the Tentacle. The issue's credits listed "Keyan Farlander" as publisher.

The issue's cover shows the Day of the Tentacle characters in a parody of Tom Jung's poster for the first Star Wars film.

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  • "Day of the Tentacle: Maniac Mansion 2" by Khris Brown
  • "X-Wing Sets New Standard for Space Combat Simulator Genre" by Sue Seserman
  • "Company Store"
  • "The Evolution of LucasArts Classic Adventures" by Gary Winnick
  • "Techie Bench
  • "Sam & Max: Freelance Police" comic by Steve Purcell: A parody of the Battle of Yavin from A New Hope.
  • "The Magic of Sound" by Brad Stewart
  • "Games for After Hours: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Street Fighter II" by Tim Delacruz
  • "Letters"
  • "Coming Attractions"
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