The Adventurer 7 is the seventh issue of the LucasArts magazine The Adventurer. It featured a number of articles on Lucasfilm upcoming and released games, including one on Star Wars: TIE Fighter.

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  • "X-Wing Sequel Lets You Fly for the Empire" by Barbara Gleason
  • "The Wookiee Ate My Homework: Super Empire Strikes Back Ready to Take over Households" by Wayne Cline
  • "Fly for the Greatest Air Forces of World War II in LucasArts' Air Combat Classics" by Camela Boswell
  • "The Dig: An Interview with Steve Dauterman and Hal Barwood"
  • "3D Will Change the Way You See Games" by Collette Michaud and Aaron Muszalski
  • "Rebel Assault Hypers in for the Holiday" by Vincent Lee
  • "Letters"
  • "Sam & Max Hit the Road" comic by Steve Purcell
  • "The Personalities Behind the Fur: An Interview with Sam & Max, Freelance Police and Stars of Sam & Max Hit The Road"
  • "¿Lucas Who?"
  • "The Force that Saved the Galaxy Now Does the Same for Your Computer Screen" by Wayne Cline
  • "Company Store"
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