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The Asteroid Field
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John Williams




the chase through the Hoth asteroid field

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London Symphony Orchestra


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"The Asteroid Field" 

The Asteroid Field is a musical piece composed by John Williams for Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back. It can be compared to its movie as Ben Kenobi's Death/Tie Fighter Attack can be compared to Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope: it achieved a minor popularity to music enthusiasts as a track.


It opens with a portion of The Imperial March. There's subtle brass with woodwinds for the melody in two distinctive segments from 0:50 through 2:15. Big brass catches the ear of the listener from 2:17 through 2:41, then reprising an earlier segment, before a crescendo to an altered segment of the preceding brass, and then goes off to a segment from Han Solo and the Princess. The piece ends with a quiet, eerie segment, before using woodwinds as a finale.


  • John Williams originally composed the piece for The Empire Strikes Back, during the first asteroid field scene. A few sources, however, like to use the segment played from 2:17 through 2:41 to represent the Millennium Falcon, as if that was the vessel's main theme. This was the case in a documentary by the Hasbro Toy Company regarding their action figure scale Millennium Falcon, when it showed various scenes involving the starship.
  • The theme is played prominently during the Star Tours attraction when the passengers' StarSpeeder 3000 has a dangerous encounter with a large group of comets.
  • In many Star Wars Video Games it is used in Asteroid FIeld levels such as in Star Wars: Starfighter, Star Wars Battlefront and its sequel Star Wars Battlefront II
  • It's one of the chapters on the Musical Journey DVD as an "Escape Theme".

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