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"The ULTIMATE GAMBLE! High risk! High reward! Be a gladiator! In the Big Game!"
―Big Game promotional poster[src]

The Big Game was a brutal gladiatorial competition that was launched on the space station the Wheel during the waning years of the Galactic Republic, under the direction of the station's Tefaun administrator Kelek the Blue.[1] During the Galactic Civil War, Administrator Simon Greyshade staged the Big Game daily to amuse the guests on the Wheel, and in 0 ABY, the Rebel Alliance operatives Han Solo and Chewbacca were captured aboard the station and forced to compete in the event.


The Big Game was a gladiator fight between two or more warriors, and only the best fighters were invited to participate, with Catumen, Wookiees, Bitthævrians, and Dandelion Warriors represented among the competitors. The fights were projected live in all the casinos onboard the Wheel.



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