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A layout of The Boneman's Rest

The Boneman's Rest was a cantina on the planet Harridan owned by crime lord Egot Pai-4-Yem. A Rebel smuggler, trying to pay off his 25,000 credit debt to Egot, was instructed to come to this cantina to receive further instructions as to where to meet Egot. When he and his group entered the cantina, however, they were immediately involved in a brawl. With the help of this group of rebels, the bartender and waiters managed to subdue the group of brawlers. Soon after, the local police arrived, though they were content to leave the group of rebels alone as they had fought simply to protect the bar. When the rebels sat down for a meal, they noticed a particular item on the menu, Egot's Lava Crab Feast, and so ordered it, assuming (correctly) that it would be their next step to meeting Egot Pai-4-Yem. The rebels were taken into the back of the cantina to choose which rock crab they wanted for their meal. This was simply a pretense to get the group alone, however, and they were soon escorted to a trapdoor which led them to Egot's warehouse.