The holofilm titled The Bounty Hunters' Guild's Greatest Hits: Volume VII was a collection of holovids, published by the Bounty Hunters' Guild around the time of the Clone Wars. The holofilm contained a collected edition of recorded assassinations. Thereby even the guild's leader Cradossk and his son Bossk appeared in some of the holovids, which displayed a number of disputes between the pair. Additionally, it enabled access to a bonus feature, which included various techniques for killing amphibious targets.[1]

Sometimes after the publication of The Bounty Hunters' Guild's Greatest Hits: Volume VII the bounty hunter Cad Bane owned a pirated version of the holofilm. He hoped to learn more tricks how to eliminate amphibious targets, but he could only laugh at the information and the disputes between the two Trandoshan bounty hunters.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Bounty Hunters' Guild's Greatest Hits: Volume VII was first mentioned in the second novel of the The Clone Wars Secret Missions series, Curse of the Black Hole Pirates, published in July of 2010 and written by Ryder Windham.[2]


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