This article is about the slicer gang. You may be looking for the Circle, a location on Kesh.
The Circle

Two Circle members

"You got it. Circle like circuit. Everything's connected. The galaxy is one big machine and all our cells are like tiny little droids."

The Circle was a Nikto-only slicer gang infamous during the Great Galactic War. The manic and hyper-intelligent Bolan led this tight-knit clan of tech-obsessed Nikto. They were cast into the Republic's secret prison on Belsavis for slicing into the Republic Strategic Information Service's classified records.

Whereas other Nikto saw raw might as the key to dominance, the Circle saw technology as the only power in the galaxy to rival the Force, possessing the ability to transform lives, societies and cultures, and to determine the outcome of wars. Since the Belsavis prison break, the Circle members had applied their tireless ingenuity attempting to seize control of Belsavis's security systems and the strange technologies hidden in the deeper parts of the prison.