The Clone Wars: Secret Missions 2: Curse of the Black Hole Pirates is a young readers book authored by Ryder Windham and published by Grosset & Dunlap.

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The book begins where the last one left off: with Cad Bane in his ship going to rendezvous with his informant. Bane meets Asajj Ventress on Bogg 5, a moon in Bogden system. Ventress goes to Darth Tyranus' lair with Jedi Master Ring-Sol Ambase and another pod. Tyranus says "You're late."—the same thing Ventress said to Bane when he arrived. On board the Hasty Harpy after a six day trip, Breakout Squad finally arrives in Chiss space, finding no planet, but rather a space station. Nuru meets the Chiss ambassador, but during their meeting, a Separatist fleet commanded by a Metalorn yacht attacks the station. Breakout Squad escapes and flees into hyperspace. Later, they unexpectedly come out of hyperspace near a blackhole and are boarded by pirates claiming to be the Blackhole Pirates(formerly the Mcgrrr gang). After the pirates realize who they are, they say they're cursed by the blackhole. They go to a moon the pirates call Plunder Moon. They find an old temple and use an infinity gate to jump back to Chiss space. When they get back to Chiss space, they defeat the Separatists and go their separate ways. Nuru is revealed to be Kung'urama'nuruodo of the Second Ruling Family. Later, in Dooku's lair, Ring-Sol Ambase wakes up.

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