The Coil was the name of a secret base constructed by the Shroud on the Wild Space planetoid Obus VI.


The Coil Obus VI

Anchor base being flooded

Other names the Shroud considered were "The Eye", "Fire-Sea-Moonbase Alpha", "Secret Lair II", "The Shroudcave", "The Shroud of Death" and "Galactic Post Packaging Center". Following the Eternal Empire conquest, the Shroud moved his base of operations to Obus VI to monitor Zakuul and influence the politics of Wild Space.[1]

The Coild consisted of three connected locations: low-impact operations were run on an orbiting asteroid, which was connected by a Skyhook to the underwater biome level dubbed "the Hub", which in turn was connected to the underground volcano lair, where the most high-risk missions took place. The personnel of the base was prohibited from moving between levels, or even interacting with staff from other levels. The entire planetoid and the orbiting asteroid were surrounded by the strongest scrambling field credits could buy. The field prevented any unauthorized communications, leaving the entire planetoid undetectable.[1]

In 3632 BBY the Shroud decided to make a move against the rising Anti-Zakuul Alliance based on Odessen. He kidnapped the droid HK-55 and downloaded his memory core, gaining unrestricted access to the Alliance base. However, when Z0-0M applied the electrical surge to wipe his short-term memory, it destroyed hers instead, leaving the former mastermind of the organization with no idea who she was. After reactivating, HK-55 took the reborn Z0-0M under his wing and proceeded to tear the base apart, eliminating Shroud's droids and mercenaries throughout the base. He destoyed X-TR0 in the museum, took Jollo prisoner and freed Exarch Malforia from her cell before taking the turbolift to the asteroid level. The Exarch did not survive the vacuum of open space, which HK-55 and Z0-0M traversed on foot. Eventually, they confronted and destroyed a duplicate of HK-55, which started the self-destruct sequence. The two droids escaped in the shuttle, while the asteroid level was destroyed and the under level was flooded.[1]

After HK-55 returned to Alliance base and briefed its leadership on what has transpired, Bey'wan Aygo send people to examine whether the rest of the base could be repurposed for the Alliance. They retrieved Jollo from the volcano level, who expressed the desire to purchase the Coil for himself.[1]

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The Coil appears in Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire during Interlude: Shroud of Memory.


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