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The Emperor's Will was a campaign by the Galactic Empire to finish of rogue Grand Admiral Demetrius Zaarin and his his splinter government once and for all. After an attempt by Zaarin to capture Emperor Palpatine aboard his C-3 passenger liner, the Excalibur, resulted in a failure and caused him to retreat. One of Zaarin's commanders, Namuura Din attempted to defect to the Rebel Alliance and warn them that their planned assault at Endor was a trap and gave them a Missile Boat prototype called Sealion. But was thwarted by Darth Vader and the prototype was recovered. Zaarin would then proceed to To-phalion Base to steal the Vorknkx Project testbed, which was guarded by loyalist Grand Admiral Thrawn. Zaarin was ultimately killed there. It was largely due to the efforts of TIE pilot ace Maarek Stele. After the campaign, Stele was awarded the Medal of Victory medal for saving the Emperor's life, his plan for the Rebels and ending the Zaarin insurrection.

The CampaingEdit

Surprise AttackEdit

Capture the TurncoatEdit

Track Down RebelsEdit

Missile Boat TroubleEdit

Return to VorknkxEdit

Corvette AttackEdit

Zaarin takes the BaitEdit

The Trap is SprungEdit


Stele's participation in the pursuit earned him the Medal of Victory, but prevented him from participating in the Battle of Endor. Zaarin's death was the first of Palpatine's circle of Grand Admirals. Only Octavian Grant would survive the following years after Endor. The insurrection also caused the TIE Defender, his model starfighter project to never see mass use in the Imperial Navy, only at best restricting the fighter to TIE Interceptor pilots who had survived tour of duty 20 missions.



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