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The Fatal Visionaries were a group of pirates formed by Zhen Mirat. They were known to be ruthless cutthroats, often looting and destroying cargo ships. It was known that they had did this to at least two bulk freighters belonging to the Corporate Sector Authority, four light freighters belonging to independent operators, as well as three confirmed, and four unconfirmed, Rebel cargo ships.

Members of the group included Mirat, the leader, Chanchaz Iryt and Huggtar, the muscle, Vazan Felix, a free-trader forced to co-operate by piloting his ship, and X, an assassin droid. They operated from the Corellian KS-500 Spaceways Transport light freighter The Fatal Vision which had once been Vazan's ship under the name Tine's Future. At some point in the Galactic Civil War, they were assessed by Major Herrit of Imperial Intelligence who reported to Darth Vader and reached a consensus that they could be utilized to great effect by the Empire. They were offered restricted technology in exchange for only attacking rebel and smuggler ships, although they were still allowed to attack the rare free-trader ship with no consequences. Later in the war, Vazan approached the rebels for help in finding and freeing his family. The chain of events which occurred due to this caused a group of rebels to eventually kill every member of the Visionaries save Huggtar, who was recruited into the Rebellion as a medic.