The Galactic Empire Scrapbook is a guide to the Galactic Empire and its battles against the Rebel Alliance written by Mark Cotta Vaz as part of Scholastic's Star Wars Trilogy Scrapbook series. As it was written in 1997, prior to the release of the prequel trilogy, it has many inaccuracies concerning the rise of the Empire. These include that the Clone Wars were fought between the Jedi Knights and the Mandalorians, that Palpatine became leader of the Republic after the war's end, and that Anakin Skywalker "fell" into a volcano, transforming him into Darth Vader, rather than burning near a lava river on Mustafar and already being Vader. In addition, several inaccuracies existed that contradicted already established canon, such as Jabba the Hutt's Rancor being the only one in existence and that Coruscant's Galactic City was a small space compared to the mountains that "covered most of the planet." Why these contradictions were not corrected by Lucasfilm is unknown.

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