The Game of Life: A Jedi's Path is the name of Star Wars version of the classic board game The Game of Life, featuring themes from the Star Wars saga, both the Original trilogy and the Prequel trilogy.


Jedi Knight or Sith Lord? Awesome warrior or mystical thinker? These are the choices players face in GAME OF LIFE: A JEDI'S PATH.

As players move their aspiring Jedi around the board, they will pass tests, do battle, learn lessons, go on missions, and build their lightsabers. All the while they will develop their connection to the Force in four ways: Logic, Intuition, Fighting, and Energy. Along the way, players can choose the Jedi path or the riskier, faster path to the Dark Side. But be cautious, once you start down the dark path, there may be no chance of redemption for you. At the finale of the game, the strongest Jedi and the darkest Sith square off to determine the most powerful wielder of the Force in the Galaxy.