The Guardian of Forever

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The Guardian of Forever
Attribution information

Chris Claremont


Carmine Infantino and Gene Day (artists)


Irv Watanabe and Jean Simek


Archie Goodwin

Publication information

Marvel Comics

Publication date

April-May 1980

General information

Rebellion era




Marvel Star Wars UK

Issue number

Star Wars Weekly 113-115

Preceded by

The Word for World is Death

The Guardian of Forever is a comic story which serves as the third part of a three part comics series written by Chris Claremont, originally published in the UK's Star Wars Weekly 113-115. It was later reprinted in 1981 in Marvel Illustrated Books Star Wars 2: World of Fire, where it was named after the first part published in Star Wars Weekly 113. The other two original parts are Betrayal and The Monster's Secret. The story was started in World of Fire and The Word for World is Death.

Plot summaryEdit

The Guardian of Forever continues the story of Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa that are in the process of searching the planet Alashan. Along with Major Wil'm Grau, the team enters an underground city and go exploring. However, they are attacked by the Guardian of Forever who is intent on stopping the intruders to its home. After a hunt in which the Guardian almost kills the team, Leia Organa finds the source of the Guardian's power in the Forever control center. Destroying the structure, they are able to destroy the Guardian. After digging out of the rubble, the team boards the Staraker and Organa offers Grau a place in the Rebellion. However, he declines, leaving the ship in an escape pod. As the Humans leave the planet, the destroyed underground city comes to life and a cryptic laughing resounds through the complex...



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