Abeloth EGTW

Abeloth, the ancient being who is extensivly shown in the Histories.

"Our work." -Thuruht Queen

The Histories of Thuruht were a group of stone carving's in the Thuruht Killik hive, the oldest of the hives which was employed by the ancient and mysterious Celestial's to build mechanical wonders like Centerpoint Station and Sinkhole Station. Each described some rare occurrence of nature in the past or present, along with the origins of the dark side entity Abeloth.

List of Galactic CarvingsEdit

  • A supernova exploding in one direction.
  • The planets of a star system being aligned in the same pattern and cycling around in the same orbit.
  • A nebula hanging between two star systems like a curtain.
  • A star system with the planets very close in orbit and two twin planets completely in synchronization.

List of Carvings regarding the CelestialsEdit

  • The Ones rising from a volcanic mist and gaining their Celestial power with the Son drinking from the Font of Power and the Daughter swimming in The Well of Knowledge.
  • A carving of the Father, Son and Daughter living in harmony.
  • The Son and Daughter fighting over the planet.
  • A Mortal Woman serving The Ones and bringing joy to them.
  • Various reliefs showing the Mother playing with the son and daughter, living with the father, and helping channel the son's destructive energies.
  • The Ones living a content life as a true family
  • The Mother aging and the Father, Son and Daughter having a heated argument.
  • The Mother drinking from the Font of Power to become as immortal as her family.
  • The Mother swimming in the Well of Knowledge, becoming Abeloth, as the Father pulls her out with the force. The Daughter restraining the Son as he tries to come to his Mother's aid.
  • A Fully transformed Abeloth being showed out by the Father.
  • The Father, Son and Daughter leaving Abeloth alone, imprisoned on the world.
  • The first time Abeloth was freed.
  • Various carvings depicting saurians battling Abeloth and her cephalopods.
  • 3 worlds completely razed by Abeloth's destructive fury.
  • The Killiks using the force in space to build Centerpoint Station.
  • The Brother and Sister coming together in their insect forms overseeing the construction, the Brother; a beetle and the Sister: a graceful butterfly.