"The Holocrons of Fate" is the third episode of season three of the animated television series Star Wars Rebels and the first episode after its TV movie premiere, Star Wars Rebels: Steps Into Shadow.[2] It is the fortieth episode of the series overall. It first aired on October 1, 2016 on Disney XD.[1]

Official descriptionEdit

Maul returns to complete his dangerous plan, and the Ghost crew is caught in the middle.[2]

Plot summaryEdit

The return of MaulEdit

The episode opens with Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger traveling aboard a CR90 corvette through hyperspace. Ezra is unhappy that his master Kanan is not telling him what he did to the Sith holocron. Kanan insists that is safe. When Ezra suggests that they could use the holocron, Kanan reminds his apprentice that the secrets inside it almost destroyed him. When Ezra asks why Master Yoda sent them to Malachor, Kanan explains that Yoda had given them the chance to defeat the Sith and that they had failed.

One rebel pilot then informs them that they had reached their rendezvous point with a Hammerhead corvette but that the transport is not responding. After exiting hyperspace, the rebels discover that the Hammerhead corvette has been attacked. After docking with the Hammerhead, Ezra and Kanan board the vessel and discover that a skirmish has taken place. In one chamber, Ezra encounters an astromech droid and a wounded rebel crewman. The crewman warns Ezra that a red blade is after him and that the Ghost is in danger. Ezra and Kanan think it is another Inquisitor.

At the bridge of the CR90 corvette, Ezra and Kanan contact Hera Syndulla by hologram. They quickly learn that the other Spectres have been taken prisoner by Maul and his repurposed tour guide droids. When Ezra accuses Maul of betraying them, Maul admits he was going to betray the others but that he would have remained loyal to Ezra. When Kanan asks what he wants, Maul demands the Sith holocron that they had obtained on Malachor. When Kanan claims that he doesn't have it, Maul threatens to kill his friends. Ezra and Kanan promise to bring back the Sith holocron. Maul then adds that Kanan also bring his Jedi holocron before logging off.

When Kanan reprimands Ezra for telling Maul about his holocron, Ezra defends himself on the grounds that he thought that Maul was a friend. Kanan also confirmed that his Jedi holocron was still aboard the Ghost. When Ezra asked about the Sith holocron, Kanan assured his apprentice that it was safe but that retrieving it would be a problem.

A captive audienceEdit

Meanwhile aboard the Ghost, Maul inspects a graffiti artwork done by Sabine Wren. He tells his captive audience including Hera, Sabine, Garazeb Orrelios, and Chopper that he realized that the transport was also their home. When Zeb asks whether he is going to move in, Maul asks captain Hera for a tour of the ship. Sabine then suggested that Maul go down the airlock. Maul then forced Hera to take him on a tour of the ship against the protests of Zeb and Sabine. Maul then addressed Sabine and reminded the Mandalorian teenager that he had once ruled her homeworld of Mandalore. When Zeb asked Sabine, she sighed and confirmed that this was the case.

Hera then takes Maul on a tour of the Ghost. After inspecting several rooms, Hera leads him into Kanan's quarters, which Maul descried as a dull and dour chamber fit for a Jedi. When Maul demanded that she show him Kanan's holocron, Hera feigns ignorance. However, Maul was able to read her mind and discovered that Kanan's real name was Caleb Dume. After probing Hera's mind, Maul learned that Hera had suggested that Kanan recruit Ezra as his apprentice. He also learned that Ezra stole the holocron and where Kanan keeps the artifact.

Bendu's lairEdit

Elsewhere, Kanan led Ezra to the dwelling place of Bendu. The two traveled on a speeder bike and arrived at the outcrop of mesas but found no sign of Bendu. After hearing no response, Ezra suggested that Kanan was hearing voices in his head. Suddenly, the two are surrounded by a horde of krykna spiders. Ezra panics but Kanan tells his apprentice to stay calm. Not trusting his master's words, Ezra ignited his green lightsaber. Kanan told his disciple that his actions are only making things worse and that he must learn to make peace with them.

Suddenly, the krykna flee and Kanan senses Bendu's presence. Bendu approaches the two Jedi and asks whether they have come for a talk. Ezra can't believe what he is seeing. Kanan apologizes that they cannot chat and nudges for Ezra to tell Bendu the purpose of their meeting. Ezra tells Bendu that they have come because a Sith called Maul wants the Sith holocron. Kanan adds that Maul also desires his Jedi holocron. Bendu does not know Maul but points out that the convergence of the Jedi and Sith holocrons would be dangerous.

When Ezra remarks that the holocrons are just libraries of information, Bendu responds that they are more than that. If two powerful sources of information are united, they will grant clarity of vision but that they would also bring chaos. When Ezra stresses that they need the holocron to save their friends and request its return, Bendu warns him that the holocron is a source of imbalance between him and his teacher. If Ezra wants it, Bendu tells Ezra he has hidden the Sith artifact in the Atollon caverns which is crawling with Krykna Spiders. Bendu tells Ezra and Kanan that he has set a test for Ezra. Before entering the cave, Kanan tells Ezra to leave his lightsaber behind and to use his comlink instead. Kanan promises to guide his apprentice through the cave. When Bendu asks, Kanan responds that Ezra must learn to solve his problems without relying on his lightsaber.

An escape attemptEdit

Back at the Ghost, Maul is unable to open Kanan's holocron and loses his temper. Listening in the common room, Sabine remarks that "someone" is having a bad day. Hera suggests making his day worse. At Hera's signal, Zeb kicks Chopper into two of Maul's tour guide droids. The rebels then knock out their captors and make their way down to the engine room with Zeb carrying Chopper. Meanwhile, Maul senses that his captives have escaped and follows them downstairs.

The rebels make their way into the cargo hold. After realizing that Maul is a cyborg, Sabine orders Chopper to activate the magnetizer. The rebels then surround him but Maul breaks free of the magnetizer with his lightsaber. Maul then hurls the rebels aside and locks Chopper in a store room. He then tells Hera and Sabine that they will not be penalized as long as they are of use to him.

Ezra's trialsEdit

Back on Atollon, Ezra is navigating through the dark cave, which is home to krykna. Kanan tells Ezra to keep to the left via comlink. Ezra is soon surrounded by several of the spidery creatures and loses contact with Kanan. After telling Bendu to safeguard their lightsabers, he rushes into the cave to assist Ezra. Bendu remarks that hopefully the master and apprentice will rediscover their balance but fears they would be eaten by the krykna. While fleeing the krykna, Kanan leads him into a tunnel and uses the Force to reason with a krykna.

When Ezra asks his master how he did that, Kanan explains that his blindness had forced him to see things differently through the Force. As they venture deeper into the catacombs, Ezra apologizes for "everything". Kanan then reassures his apprentice that it was not his fault and that he never blamed him. He tells Ezra that it is time for him to forgive himself and the two embrace. Outside, Bendu senses their reconciliation.

Ezra and Kanan eventually find the Sith holocron inside a deep chamber inhabited by krykna. Kanan tells Ezra to stay calm and the apprentice uses the Force to levitate the object towards him while the krykna watch. Ezra takes the holocron and the two leave the cave without startling the krykna. After emerging, Bendu tells them that he senses that the imbalance between the master and apprentice has been addressed.

However, Bendu warns them that their true test has just begun. Since the dark sider won't be able to open the Jedi holocron, he warns them that the task will fall to one of them. When Ezra suggests they can wield the power of both holocrons, Bendu warns them that it comes with a price. Once a secret is known, he stresses that it cannot be "unknown."

Confronting MaulEdit

The two Jedi then travel on an A-wing trainer to the coordinates that Maul has arranged to meet them. This location turns out to be an abandoned Mandalorian asteroid outpost. Kanan reminds Ezra that he has to deal with the consequences of getting the Sith holocron back and asks whether it will help them against Maul. When Kanan asks Ezra to open it up, the apprentice replies that he would rather listen to his master. When Ezra asks Kanan what their plan is, Kanan tells him that they will "think by ear." When Ezra asks whether Kanan is taking it lightly, his master replies that they must not give in to fear and despair.

After arriving at the Mandalorian asteroid outpost, they dock at a hangar bay. There, they are greeted by Maul who mockingly tells "Master" Kanan to follow the sound of his voice. Kanan tells Ezra to take it easy with Maul. When Maul asks Ezra if he found the Sith holocron illuminating, Ezra demands to know that his friends are safe. Maul replies that his friends would be his guests until their business is complete. He orders his tour droids to escort Ezra to the command center. If he attempts to free his friends or if the tour droids are deactivated, he warns Ezra that his friends will die. Ezra replies "good to know."

Maul then leads Kanan down a corridor while the tour droids guard the other Spectres in the Ghost's cargo hold. While walking, Maul confesses that he did not want to blind Kanan. When Kanan responds that he was still trying to kill him, Maul shoves the Jedi into the airlock and responds that he is making a second attempt. Kanan is sucked out into space but manages to cling on to the space station. Using the Force, he lunges himself back into the hangar bay. Having regained his breath, Kanan heads out to save his friends.

The two holocronsEdit

Meanwhile at the command center, Maul secretly orders the tour droids to terminate the prisoners. He then tells Ezra that he has lived up to his end of the bargain and lies that his friends are safe. He then tells Ezra to squat on the floor and to hand him the Sith holocron. After settling down, Maul asks Ezra what he wants to do with the two holocrons. When Ezra expresses his desire to destroy the Sith, Maul replies that he is seeking only hope. The two bring the holocrons together and they open them. The holocrons bathe the room and the two Force-wielders in a bright blaze of pink light.

Back on the Ghost, the tour guide droids prepare to execute Hera, Sabine, Chopper, and Zeb with their blasters. However, Kanan beheads the droids with his lightsaber. When Hera asks about Ezra, he tells them that the youth is with Maul and that the rebels need to go. Back in the command center, Maul exclaims that he sees nothing but oblivion and vows to go deeper. Meanwhile, Ezra sees something. At that point, they are interrupted by Hera shouting. The other rebels cannot see Ezra but Kanan can sense his apprentice through the Force.

Kanan tells Ezra to look away but Maul tells him to stay focused. While Maul tells Ezra to acknowledge and desire, Kanan warns his apprentice to heed Bendu's warning. Kanan tells Ezra to turn away before it is too late. The young Jedi is tempted by a vision of seeing the key to destroying the Sith. Maul and Ezra see twin suns. Kanan warns Ezra that it is not worth it. Ezra listens to his master and closes his eyes. Suddenly, the bright pink glow disappears and the holocrons shut down. Maul then takes the opportunity to flee aboard the Nightbrother. He laughs with the knowledge that "he" lives before departing the station.

Kanan and the other rebels attend to the unconscious Ezra, who has sustained a headache. Kanan tells Ezra that he could see Ezra but only through the light of the holocron. When he asks Ezra what happened, the younger Jedi tells him that he saw images of places both unknown and familiar. He doesn't know if it was what Maul wanted to see. Kanan reassures Ezra that they will find out together.



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