This article is about the Zirtran's Anchor location. You may be looking for other uses of the word.

The Hub was the most central and vital location on the space station called Zirtran's Anchor. No less than the original Zirtran barge, The Hub was located deep in the center of the space station.

Large proportions of the original barge ad been converted into living quarters suitable for the Geelans who resided at the station. The lower half of The Hub contained huge docking bays as well as maintenance hangars. It was here that most visitors to Zirtran's Anchor - after an Imperial customs check and an identification check by Defensus Solar. From here, numerous passways would allow visitors to access the rest of the space station.

The main passageway, known as the Spine Passage, was considered the nervous system of the entire station and was always buzzing with bartering visitors and merchants.