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The Last Command 4 is the fourth issue in the Last Command series of comics based on the novel The Last Command. It was released March 25, 1998.


Imperials attack Talon Karrde's "secret" smugglers' meeting, and they vow revenge. Meanwhile, Luke and Lando break Mara Jade free from house arrest in the Palace, so she can guide them to the Emperor's secret cloning facility on Wayland. Will she really help the Republic? And what invisible force is Thrawn launching above the skies of Coruscant?

Publisher's summaryEdit

Continuing the adaptation of the sequel to Star Wars: Dark Force Rising. Adapted from the best-selling Bantam novel by Timothy Zahn, with fantastic art by a pair of Russ Manning Award-winners, Edvin Biukovic, and Eric Shanower.



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