This article is about the children. You may be looking for The Lost, the article, or The Lost, a term used to describe individuals who had resigned from the Jedi Order.

The Lost was a term that was used to collectively describe the abandoned children of the Cularin system. Some of the children were former slaves that had been abandoned by the Hutt Riboga, while others had ran away from their homes, and by the time of the Clone Wars, there were between 1,500 and 2,000 such children living across the Cularin system. A number of individuals known as watchers kept an eye on the children, such as Dani, who watched over the children of the city Hedrett on Cularin, and Ariella, who cared for seventy children living on the planet Almas. The Jedi Padawan Lora Nadad, a former watcher, attempted to bring the plight of the Lost into the public conciousness of the people of the Cularin system.