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"If there are to be more books, and if LFL/Del Rey/Disney decide to let me write some of them, I have a trilogy project to pitch where the third book would also be the third book of the Hand of Judgment series (Allegiance and Choices of One). Again, I don't know if that will happen."
Timothy Zahn, 2013

The Maestro Trilogy[1] was a proposed novel trilogy, which would have been written by Timothy Zahn. In a Facebook Q/A, Zahn revealed that he would pitch the trilogy of novels to Lucasfilm Ltd., Del Rey and The Walt Disney Company. The first novel would heavily involve, character which Zahn created, Thrawn and his species, the Chiss. The middle book's plot would then have revolved around another character of Zahn's creation, Mara Jade, and how she would have stopped an assassination attempt on Darth Vader. The final novel would have also been the third novel in the Hand of Judgment series, continuing the plot of Allegiance and Choices of One, which revolved around Jade, while Thrawn also appeared.[2]

However, the project's fate was left unclear after the announcement that the Expanded Universe would be rebranded as Star Wars Legends due the development of the canonical Star Wars sequel trilogy.[3] In July 2016, it was announced that Zahn will write a canon novel entitled Thrawn, featuring a canonical version of the character.[4]

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