The Masters of Exocron is an adventure in The Kathol Outback, and is part of The DarkStryder Campaign. It is set in 8 ABY.

Plot summaryEdit

While searching for Moff Kentor Sarne, the FarStar's sensors detect a planetary system hiding behind the gaseous web of a failed, ancient protostar. Concerned that Sarne may be hiding in the protostar, Captain Kaiya Adrimetrum orders a probe droid to be launched to investigate. The droid reports back, showing a garden-like planet with a yellow star. However, the probe droid does not return.

Adrimetrum orders Lieutenant Ranna Gorjaye to send some X-wings in to retrieve the droid. The gas cloud renders communications and long-range sensors useless, but the fighters pick up the droid's ion exhaust trail, but no transponder signal. The pilots descend into the planet's atmosphere to search for droid. While searching, they encounter the Exocron Airfleet sky-dreadnaught Maxion. They are welcomed, and informed that another Airfleet vessel, the Desaclates, is transporting the probe droid to the capital, Caballa City, for examination. Captain Horzao Darr of the Maxion invites a delegation onboard his vessel to be taken to the capital as well. En route, the Desaclates is attacked by Corsairs, and Adrimetrum orders her X-wings to assist in its defense.

Arriving at Caballa City, the crew of the FarStar are shocked to learn that the rulers of the planet, the Devisors, plan to keep them on the planet to ensure Exocron's isolation. Captain Adrimetrum is taken away for questioning, and the FarStar is immobilised with a powerful tractor beam. With the help of Captain Darr and the insurgent Eida Sharden, the crew of the FarStar liberate their commander and ship, and help the population overthrow the Devisors. In return, the FarStar gained an ally and resupply stop.



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