The New Essential Guide to Droids

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The New Essential Guide to Droids
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Daniel Wallace


Ian Fullwood

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Del Rey

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June 27, 2006





Star Wars: The New Essential Guide to Droids is a 224-page reference book published by Del Rey, the twelfth book in the Essential Guide series. It was written by Daniel Wallace, and illustrated by Ian Fullwood. It was released June 27, 2006.

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Jedi Exile's genderEdit

The New Essential Guide to Droids is somewhat special in the sense that it answers one of the questions that have been discussed in the Star Wars fan community since the release of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords—namely, the question of the Jedi Exile's canonical gender. In this book it is established that the Exile is a female, and thus the book breaks with the tradition of making characters that originate as customizable characters in video game male.

This has caused some controversy in the Star Wars community, and many still refuse to accept that the Exile is a woman. However, since the New Essential Guide series are canonical sources, the Exile is officially a woman.

Her gender was established in three different paragraphs quotations of which are listed below:

"G0-T0 soon became mixed up with an exiled Jedi Knight and her mission to destroy the Sith Lords."
―from the entry on the G0-T0 droid, p. 25[src]
"Five standard years later, T3-M4 appeared aboard the abandoned freighter Ebon Hawk, where he fell into the company of the heroine known only as the Jedi Exile."
―from the entry on the T3 droid, p. 37[src]
"Five years after the Star Forge incident, HK-47 teamed up with the heroine known as the Jedi Exile to battle a trio of Sith Lords."
―from the entry on the HK assassin droid, p. 107[src]
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