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The Nightmare Lands were a forested region of the planet of Voss.


The overgrowth in of the forest was said to be dense, and the forest was under the sway of a corrupt influence. The region was inhabited by wildlife that had been tainted, Gormak natives who had been corrupted, and Voss Mystics—members of the native Voss species—who had gone mad.[1] The dark entity Sel-Makor also resided within the Nightmare Lands, within a underground temple known as the Dark Heart. As long as the fighting between the Gormak and the Voss continued, the Nightmare Lands could have continued to expand and could have eventually covered Voss. A lake in the region's Northwest area contained a small island with a meditation shrine and tablet. The Voss Mystics often meditated here to increase their focus in entering the Spirit World.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Nightmare Lands were first mentioned on the Star Wars: The Old Republic media website along with concept art for the planet Voss.[1]



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