The Original Trilogy Stories is a collection of eighteen young-reader tales adapting the Star Wars original trilogy. It was published on September 1, 2015, targeted at children aged 3-5, within the preschool-kindergarten grade-level set.

This compendium collects the following stories:

  • "Escape from Darth Vader," by Rebecca L. Schmidt
  • "The Hero's Journey Begins," by Trey King
  • "A Bad Feeling About This," by Andy Schmidt
  • "The Rescue of Princess Leia," by Elizabeth Schaefer
  • "Escape from the Death Star," by Ivan Cohen
  • "The Battle of Yavin," by Tracey West
  • "Survival on Hoth," by Ivan Cohen
  • "AT-AT Attack!," by Andy Schmidt
  • "An Unusual Hiding Place," by Calliope Glass
  • "Size Matters Not," by Calliope Glass
  • "Betrayal at Bespin," by Michael Siglain
  • "The Revelation," by Trey King
  • "Rescue from Jabba's Palace," by Ivan Cohen
  • "Return to Dagobah," by Meredith Rusu
  • "Flight and Fight!," by Trey King
  • "Leia and the Ewoks," by Meredith Rusu
  • "The Final Duel," by Rebecca L. Schmidt
  • "The Battle for Endor," by Rebecca L. Schmidt

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Join Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia for one action-packed adventure after the next! This collection features 18 stories from the original Star Wars trilogy, beautifully illustrated by Star Wars artist Brian Rood. With foil on the cover, gilded pages, and over 250 pieces of both spot and full-page art, this storybook is a must-have for fans!

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