The POTU, for "the periphery of the Uscru", or alternatively, "the peril of the Uscru", was a low-tier district on the edge of the Uscru Entertainment District on Coruscant. It was considered a dangerous area home to numerous criminals, including turf gangs, serial killers, molesters and thieves. However, crimes tended to be directed against residents within the district, so the Coruscant Security Force had little presence in the POTU. Even security cameras were scarce, as they were frequently stolen and disassembled for parts.

By 52 BBY, the POTU was slowly gentrifying. It could be accessed by the Deep Core Mag-Lev Line. Despite the danger, Senators or their aides could often be found in the district for thrill-seeking, conducting illegal deals, or indulging in proscribed substances. The Shimmersilk was a restaurant in the POTU at this time.