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The Paths to Power was a political text written by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine shortly after his election to the office in 32 BBY. The book was released on 5:3:13 GrS (30 BBY) and topped the best-seller lists. The release of The Paths to Power was later included in a listing of Palpatine's triumphs included in the Inaugural Edition of HoloNet News, celebrating the Chancellor's appointment as Galactic Emperor.[1] The text was considered a modern masterpiece in the time following Palpatine's death[2] in 4 ABY,[3] during which Imperial Admiral Gaen Drommel had it highly ranked on his reading list.[2]

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The Paths to Power was first mentioned in the in-universe article, Republic HoloNet News Special Inaugural Edition 16:5:24, published in Star Wars Insider 84.[1] The book was created by author Daniel Wallace, who later noted on his blog that it was but one example of Palpatine's career as a writer, as the Emperor had been established as the author of the Dark Side Compendium in the Dark Empire comic series.[4] The text was then mentioned in the third installment of The Imperial Warlords: Despoilers of an Empire, an article written by Abel G. Peña and Daniel Wallace and published on the Blog.[2]



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