The Pit was a bar and restaurant in Elrooden spaceport where independent cargo haulers, contractors, traders and others came to do business and exchange stories. Unlike many other taverns, the Pit had a relaxed and professional atmosphere, and like the rest of Elrood, it was a calm and orderly place.


Inside, the Pit had a huge, sunken conversation pit with no seats. Above the pit, at floor level, were a number of booths where business could be conducted in private. The booth seats were programmed to conform to the anatomy and comfort of the occupant. Along the walls were data panels showing ship arrivals or departures, and available cargoes. The conversation pit was usually bustling with pilots and shipping agents. Pilots tried to outbid each other to carry cargo, while the shipping agents tried to hunt for the best bargains. The conversations were often lively. The Pit's main barkeep was Travis Chaz, who worked there for thirty years.