"Captain Solo, I thought you understood; my people are very good at not answering questions. None will violate the Silence, especially to Security Police."
The Mor Ewwen Glayyd, to Han Solo[src]

The Silence was a provision under the Code of Ammuud that forbade members of the planet's seven clans from disclosing important information regarding the clan's internal affairs and dealings with others to outsiders, even if they were threatened with death. The only circumstances under which a clan member could break the Silence would be in a case where a party with whom they had dealings betrayed their trust. Otherwise, any clan member who broke the Silence would be considered to have broken his or her oath under the Code of Ammuud and became an outcast.

The Silence prevented the Mor Ewwen Glayyd from allowing Han Solo access to information regarding his clan's dealings with the slaver Zlarb. However, Solo revealed to him that Zlarb was a Malkite Poisoner and the Mor Glayyd eventually discovered that Zlarb had been responsible for the poisoning of his father — the previous Mor. Because of this, the Mor Glayyd furnished the information that Solo had requested and assured the smuggler that his clan would not inform the Corporate Sector Authority's Security Police of his activities during his stay on Ammuud.